Homemade: Good Food

Since I’ve been home from Kentucky, I’ve done quite a bit of home cooking. I remade that lime cilantro salmon and made a couple of alterations. The tweaks made a difference; of course, they were made to suit my own taste: sauce was a little thicker and the skin was crispier. With a more reduced […]

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Food: A Coping Mechanism

Next day disclaimer: Liam has pointed out that the reason I might eat so much is because I have the munchies 75% of the time… But continue reading because I think that there’s still much more to it then that. (Written from yesterday’s perspective.) I’m all for freedom of choice, vices and all that jazz. […]

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Cosmo’s: A Staple

If you live in Montreal then you know of Cosmo, and if you’re a cool kid you call it Cosmo’s. (Other people call it Cosmo’s, right? I’m not just imagining this… right?)  If you don’t know about it, then hopefully after reading this I will have piqued your interest and you will give these wonderful […]

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Terrace: A Reunion

Being Canadian, I’ve learned to be patient for Summer. My natural state is living in the Winter and daydreaming about not putting on a jacket before leaving the house. I don’t know if it’s global warming or my perception of time is warped, but this year in Montreal, Summer started really late for us. Spring was shit, […]

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Food Porn: Addiction

Instant gratification, click culture, surplus & saturation… Everyone is familiar with those minute-long recipe videos on Facebook. They’re so pleasing to the eye, I can watch them one after the other until I’ve seen them all. Now, I’m also sure everyone is familiar with the term food porn. Initially, I always interpreted food porn as food that […]

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