Terrace: A Reunion

Being Canadian, I’ve learned to be patient for Summer. My natural state is living in the Winter and daydreaming about not putting on a jacket before leaving the house. I don’t know if it’s global warming or my perception of time is warped, but this year in Montreal, Summer started really late for us. Spring was shit, all clouds and rain except for one lovely day that happened to stand out. Every day I would wake up, look out my bedroom window and into a grey abyss. As I awoke on Wednesday, my gaze drifted to the window and I was greeted by the long-awaited blue. Finally, I was welcomed into Summer. I literally exclaimed “Oh my God! The sky is blue!” I was ready to start soaking up that Vitamin D.

me, candidly taking a sip of labatt 50 (I had already started eating before I remembered that my first Summer terrace meal would be a good topic for a blog post so our mac n cheese looks pretty sad but that’s because it was already dancing in my belly.

One of the best things about Montreal, other than the construction, cops and STM (lollll), is getting together with your friends and chillaxing on one of the many terraces. As soon as the sun comes out, the first thing I want to do is gulp down a cold one on a downtown terrace. Montreal is a city with an insane energy all the time. I come from Winnipeg so it’s so refreshing to see a city where so many things are happening. There are so many people roaming the streets, doing their thing and that just wasn’t something I saw a lot of in Winnipeg. I can feel it in the city that the people love it here, and while there are a lot of things to complain about, and while it is a big city, there’s still a broad sense of community.

So Thursday rolls around and CHA-CHING!!! The sky is still blue and the weather is still above 25°C! I decided I’d be semi-productive by starting my day with some yoga (I’m doing a 30 Day Yoga Challenge and I was currently on day 10!), drinking my green smoothie (avocado, banana, spinach), eating a pear, and making myself look cute for the public but mostly my self. I took a couple little bong hoots before leaving so I was feeling nice and extra grateful that the sun was kissing me after not texting me back for so long. I biked all the way to Old Port, from my apartment in NDG, and Liam met me there.

I was pretty hungry from the bike ride and the small breakfast so we went to the bar(s) where Liam works: three bars (Pistolero, John Doe, Comedyworks) on Rue Bishop that share a building (3 floors) and a kitchen (where Liam works). Seriously guys, check this place out. The food is AMAZING! Chef Dan is the mastermind who comes up with all of the recipes. Everything is homemade and it’s just real, good, hearty, Southern-esque bar food. They do daily specials like: 25cent wings on Sundays, 2$ oysters & 9$ full rack of ribs on Wednesdays. They have a special for every day of the week but those are the ones that I know for sure are always on those days.

Today I was happily surprised to find that Pistolero started serving a lunch menu where everything is 5$!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my God, this is just a genius idea. There are so many things I can eat if they only cost 5$. So now they’re doing this lunch menu and it starts at 11:30am-7pm (the kitchen is open until midnight) and everything looks fucking bomb. Perusing the menu, I noticed that they also added three cookie dough sundaes which is super exciting for me because I LOVE COOKIE DOUGH and cold desserts. Troy, who owns the bars, was given a Reese’s Pieces Buttercup sundae to test out and he gave me half of it. It was fucking, oh my gosh, just thinking about it I had to lean back and close my eyes… It was heavenly, but maybe I’m biased because I love Reese’s. The other cookie dough sundaes are triple chocolate chip and red velvet. In the end, Liam and I decided to share the Mac’n’Cheese Pot and the Cajun Catfish and Chips.

Mac’n’Cheese Pot:

*Disclaimer: I had already started savagely eating the mac’n’cheese before remembering that my first terrace meal of 2017 would make a good blog post.* I am a mac n cheese lover, take me anywhere, take me to a 5 star restaurant (I’ve never been to one) and if they have mac n cheese on the menu, I’ll order

Liam is my food photographer now

it. I still love Kraft Dinner and a big part of my adolescence was Michelina’s frozen mac n cheese. What makes the mac n cheese at Pistolero extra, are the tiny slivers of deep fried onions–they add a nice crunch. Not pictured was a piece of candied bacon which I shared with Liam even though deep down I really wanted to eat the whole thing. By adding these two things, it created more dimension. The bacon added some bites of salt, the onions added more texture, and the rest was just creamy, classic, goodness. The only thing I could’ve asked for was that the sauce be a little thicker and a little bit cheesier (I’m addicted to cheese and I think I have a problem), but other than that, still extremely delicious, would order again.

Cajun Catfish & Chips:

I first had the fish and chips maybe two months ago and they were SO BOMB.COM. I’ve honestly been waiting for them to go on special again since then. The serving that you see here was scaled down for the 5$ lunch menu, but usually you get a lot more fries and three big pieces of fish for 16$. The batter on the fish has just enough spice and kick to make it stand apart from your basic bitch fish n chips but it’s not overwhelming. There’s the initial crunch but it gives easily to compliments the fish on the inside which was perfectly cooked, it fell apart in my mouth, it was tender, crumbly and for lack of a better word, moist. I’m the type of person that really lives for sauces and condiments, anything that can enhance my eating experience and add a little wetness to whatever I’m eating. I doused my fish in lime and it really took it to the next level. The french fries are some of my favourites and I eat them as often as I can, mostly because Chef Dan makes a homemade mayo that I could consume like peanut butter on a spoon. It’s not quite an aioli but it’s not you’re average mayo. It’s special mayo. So this sauce talk leads me to my next and final point. TARTAR SAUCE!!! I do not like tartar sauce, I never have for the twenty-two years that I’ve been alive, but this tartar sauce… I don’t even know what it is, I don’t know what they do to it, what’s in it, but I wiped it up with my fish and when the fish was done I ate the rest of it with a fork. Call me disgusting, but…. That’s it, just do it…

Labatt 50:

Yeah.. You already know, though…

So that’s that! This is my second blog post and I’m seriously loving it. I love writing and I love writing for this blog! Yay, I’m so excited for what’s to come! Cheers guys! To loving where you live, terraces, good food, cheap beer and Summer! *cheesy freeze shot of my jumping joyfully into the air* Don’t forget to like my post! And if you want, comment and give me your feedback, love or pretty much anything you want to say. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Terrace: A Reunion

  1. great article babe! sorry it took me so long to read it but i binged read all the articles in your website!!! i know i shouldve read sooner but i was taking care of your brother and sister so they can grow up to be awesome like their ate!!! love u!! ❤


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