Excuses: Sick Days & Vacations

For the past 1.5 weeks I’ve suffered a couple afflictions and this is my excuse for not having had the energy to come up with a topic for my next post :D. At the beginning of the month I got sick for the first time in a really long time. I’m usually always sneezing (I may or may not be allergic to every/anything) but one day I woke up with a pain in my chest, followed by uncontrollable, painful coughing. It was wretched and I wasn’t in the mood to exert energy cooking delicious foods that I wouldn’t be able to fully taste. I did, however, make a potage of grilled sweet potato, carrot, bell peppers (red, green, orange) , garlic and onion, with thyme, oregano and veggie bouillon. It was satisfactory but really I just wanted to have something light and “healthy” to tide me over while I fought off the sickness. I also ate three cloves of raw garlic because I thought that would help but it didn’t do much other than scrape my esophagus and make my breath reek.

For the better part of 3 weeks, I had noticed a clicking in my jaw when I would open my mouth to eat, brush my teeth or yawn. I’m a teeth-grinder when I sleep so I figured that years of this had finally caught up to me. I thought nothing of it until last week when I woke up and could hardly open my mouth. So I spend three hours at the walk-in only for the doctor to tell me that I have TMD (temperomandibular joint disorder) and there was really nothing I could do but take an Advil, ice my jaw, don’t eat hard foods, stop clicking it, and minimize talking and kissing. Wow, thanks Doc. I understand that patient viewings are prioritized by severity at walk-in clinics, but if there are people who can be seen and sent home in LITERALLY ONE MINUTE (i.e. me) then they should really do that. Yeah, I was frustrated, a little pissed that I wasn’t even referred to a place where I could get a mouth guard, or prescribed some painkillers but I was also ready to get the fuck out of there.

The next day consisted of consuming alcoholic beverages at airports and on airplanes, then later in RVs, pizza shops and hot Kentucky backyard porches. It was a lot of fun travelling with my boyfriend, his sister and her boyfriend. This was the first trip I had ever taken without either visiting or travelling with my family so I felt very adult. We were visiting my boyfriend’s dad who lives in Maysville, Kentucky. It was an opportunity I had to take because when would I have ever had the reason to go to Kentucky? We were picked up at the airport in Dad’s RV and it was a 1.5 hour drive to his home from CVG and it was such a beautiful drive. The terrain was hilly, the roads were long and winding and bordered by trees and mountains. An awesome surprise was that the RV fridge was stocked with Kona Brewing Big Wave Golden Ale. I was first introduced to Kona Brewing Co. when I went to Hawaii for the second time when I was 18 years old. I wasn’t a big beer drinker at the time but when I returned two years later I was able to appreciate it a lot more. Opening the fridge and being greeted by the colourful, extremely aloha label, a feeling of nostalgia and innocent joyfulness rushed through me. Hawaii is my favourite place on Earth and I long to go back every day, so this was a little slice of Heaven that quenched my thirst for HI briefly. Now, being an even more seasoned beer drinker, I was able to truly enjoy the Golden Ale.

For dinner we were treated to Arty’s Wood Fired Pizza which was a cute little spot in what I would consider the middle of nowhere. The ambiance was very small town, one side of the restaurant was designated for the cooking, the other had about 24 seats for those who wanted to eat in. This place even had a drive-thru pick-up window which I

the lighting was not ideal dang that’s a greasy pizza

thought was a funky touch. The pizza was delicious, nothing artisanal, just good, pan-crust, greasy pizza. The pizza held it’s own and having been wood fired, it got those nice charred-ish dough bubbles on the crust. What I loved most about this pizza was how much it reminded me of my favourite pizza place in Winnipeg (birthplace), Flying Pizza, the best, greasiest cheap pizza that was close to my house and high school. Flying Pizza was eaten on late nights with my best friends, satisfying our munchies, chilling in one of the many basements available to us. One thing that Arty’s had, that Flying did not, was a garlic butter dipping sauce. It was essentially a butter aioli. This was totally my jam, so much so that I was almost ashamed of how much I enjoyed dipping pizza in butter. The pizza was bomb.

On Saturday morning we went out for breakfast at the Fraternal order of Eagles, which is kind of like the Royal Canadian Legion, where people pay 25$ a year for a membership. People are allowed to smoke inside and I had french toast & sausage and a Bloody Mary for 7$. Coming from “big city” Montreal, this price was insane. Honestly the food was decent at best, nothing special but for that price it hit the spot. That evening we went to a wine tasting festival, and I’ll leave the rest of the evening up to your imagination.

We hit up two fast-food joints while we were there: Lee’s Chicken and Hardee’s. These are places that we don’t have in Canada. Apparently there was a lot of hype about Hardee’s and I had never been before. I had the regular cheeseburger with curly fries. The curly fries were definitely the best thing about this meal but they were just curly fries you can get anywhere. I love curly fries though. The cheeseburger kind of tasted like Burger King and I was satisfied but everyone else was slightly disappointed and

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believed it was over-rated. It was probably over hyped but it wasn’t as bad as everyone else thought it was, I mean, it’s fast-food so how you gonna be picky. One of my friends told me that I had to eat fried chicken while in KY and lately I’ve had this insatiable craving for it. I was never a huge fan of it until the past year or so, but that’s probably because growing up, the only fried chicken my family ate was KFC and Chicken Delight. Anyway, this fried chicken was pretty tasty, the skin = crispy, the seasoning = good, but it wasn’t mind-blowing. My two favourite joints in Montreal for fried chicken are DaWa and Junior. I had two sides: mashed potatoes and mac’n’cheese. I can almost never go wrong when it comes to mac’n’cheese, but a common complaint of mine is that it’s not cheesy enough. This mac had the texture of baby food, the mac was totally overdone and the sauce was totally not cheesy enough, it was like eating bechamel puree. I mean, I still ate it but you know.

So that’s basically what I ate while I was away! I had a lot of fun in Kentucky, the weather and the sights were beautiful and it was great spending time and bonding with my boyfriend’s family. I have more to say about some things I’ve made since I’ve been home but I’ll save it for the next post because I feel like this one is long enough. So until next time!

xoxo KK

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