Excuses: Sick Days & Vacations

For the past 1.5 weeks I’ve suffered a couple afflictions and this is my excuse for not having had the energy to come up with a topic for my next post :D. At the beginning of the month I got sick for the first time in a really long time. I’m usually always sneezing (I […]


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Food: A Coping Mechanism

Next day disclaimer: Liam has pointed out that the reason I might eat so much is because I have the munchies 75% of the time… But continue reading because I think that there’s still much more to it then that. (Written from yesterday’s perspective.) I’m all for freedom of choice, vices and all that jazz. […]

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May 16, 2017: Eater’s Prologue

Hey everybody! Thank you for joining me on my journey of eating food (and enjoying other food related things) and then writing about it. If you were already following me on Instagram then you’ll know that I’ve been documenting my favourite eats for a little over a year. I’ve always had the idea of starting […]

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